Sundays in my city – Roslyn Duckpond

Last week we had a sprinkling of snow before the snow storm and I had to run down to the town quickly and take a few quick snaps out of the window. As we pass past Roslyn Clock Tower and drive thru the town this is what you’ll see.

From the town’s parking lot this is the bottom park of the duck pond. It leads to Roslyn Sound on the other side of the town and Long Island Sound. If you take a boat about 3/4 hr you’ll end up in Conneticut.

This is part of the library parking lot. It never ceases to amaze me how snow completely transforms the landscape. If we compare the reference to the bible of our sins being washed as white as snow it is a vivid demonstration of the depth of His love for us.


The old grist mill here and further down has been struggling to survive over the years. I believe it’s finally been reclaimed as historical heritage. The water has frozen on the mill wheel.

I used this pagoda for my Christmas card. My husband had a memorial for his father here…I believe it was the only time anyone has had permission to hold a private function in this park. The Library is the building in the background and there is a newly updated playground on the left not picture
d. We’ve been coming down to this park more often in the past couple of years, now the kids are older they are able to climb the steep hill back home. When they were toddlers and all young they would refuse to walk home because they were tired by then. I eventually gave up. The only thing that spoils the park is all the duck poop everywhere.

I love the way the pond almost disappears when we get a lot of snow. Children sled down here but have to be careful they don’t end up in the pond…although it’s usually frozen by the middle of winter. I just wish it would be made an ice skating park.

Frau, usually my husband is driving when I take pictures, but there was not a soul in sight this day, as most days, so I was able to stop and take pictures out the window. The majority of our town are professionals who work in the city. There were many people lost in our area on 9/11.
Unknown Mami

 That’s my city this week, come join us in a trip around the world today at Unknown Mami’s.


I have waited patiently for 6 months to get these shots of the duck pond at my favourite time. I’m also using them as my project for this week.


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