Sundays in my City

The kids had this week off…and as usual we didn’t do much. It snowed about 1 ft more on
Wednesday and we were supposed to go sledding but my hubby ended up working til Friday afternoon.
Off we went very late as you can see.
I’m afraid these days there’s not much to photograph…everything is snowed over…and there’s just the spindly trees left…and us of course. It was so peaceful here and the wind just seemed to quietly echo up and over the hills. The sunset was spectacular and the moon was shining. My photos really don’t do it justice and apart for the first 10 minutes or so it I couldn’t get enough light into my little camera.

I was glad it was so late because we stopped by at Rosa’s Pizza in Port Washington for dinner
and I didn’t have to cook.
Oh yes it was as good as it looks, nearly every review gives it 5 stars! and up til Wednesday
you get 2 slices for $3.50!
Unknown Mami
Let’s travel the world together…with Unknown Mami!

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