Macro Week

Gosh I seem to have a zillion photos all of a sudden, ever had that happen? I’ll be posting my macro shots all week so that I have room for the next zillion! I’m seriously addicted to macro. I have to add a note here to mention Kala’s blog ‘Flower, Nature & Macro Photography: A Matter Of  How You See It’….you just have to check her photos out….they are truly out of this world…it was her photos that got me started.
So every day I’m waiting for the school bus with my camera…and usually taking photos. It’s funny, I look around the same old boring block and think to myself, what am I going to photograph. Then I start taking photos randomly and the next minute I’m finding all these great subjects. These buds are growing all along the neighbours fence. They’re so tiny too, I mean you would never notice them unless you stop and look really hard. Not sure what they are, I’m not a gardener.


This little bee was so hard to catch, not so much because he was moving, but my daughter was trying her hardest to make him fly away. She’s one of those kids that every time you get out the camera, she has to be in the shot.

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