Tanilba Bay

This is where my Mum & Dad have a little place, right on the water, (lucky them). Tanilba Bay is  in Port Stevens,  about 3 hours north of Sydney. A great area to fish, and the rocks on the shoreline are covered in oysters, very good to eat. Known as Sydney Rock Oysters, they are small, very sweet, and melt in your mouth. When we stay here we often go to to Nelsons Bay, about 35 kms, where the beaches are and buy some fresh prawns (shrimp) as the boats come in from their day’s fishing.  Take them home, boil them up and sit on the balcony to watch the sun set…it doesn’t get much better than that! This area is also one of the last and most heavily populated areas of Australia for the koala bear. You will often hear them in the trees late at night. I won’t tell you what they are doing, you can figure that out. They get very loud.
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7 thoughts on “Tanilba Bay

  1. One word..two..absolutly stunning!! Thanks for the litte info here as well! Lucky them- I’d say so! Do Oysters taste better when there smaller? Like clams..do you just steam them or grill..eat them with nothing special (sauce)?

  2. Kilauea Poetry…i have eaten oysters twice in ny and they are salty, tough, and big, it didn’t like them at all. i believe they sydney ones are flown in every day somewhere in the city, but haven’t bothered to try them. they are eaten raw, with a little lemon juice, and they go every so perfectly with champagne. there are several ways of preparing them, they are often wrapped in bacon, but can’t get past eating them straight out of the shell. they melt in your mouth a little like cotton candy.

  3. Yes it is idyllic. I am lucky enough to live and work here, and leaving the Peninsula is something I avoid at all costs! Once a week is tooo often.

    I get to talk to our Koalas at the Habitat everyday and watch their antics in the trees, now that breeding season is over and they are quieter,

    Have you tried the home made Macadamia Ice Cream at Lemon Tree Passage?

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