I’m participating in the Brenda Photo Challenge this month. The challenge this month is to show how we light a subject.

My favourite is the backlight during sunset. I love the bokeh the camera picks up turning the photo into a dreamy painting. Here’s a great example…I have many but what I love about this photo is that it was a tree on the side of the service road of the Long Island Expressway…unimpressive and unnoticed probably, but with the sunlight streaming thru from behind it transcends into beauty. It was very difficult to get this shot because it was very windy, hence the unfocus, but hopefully you can see the branch dancing in the breeze. This photo is unedited, sooc.

For more entries go to The Brenda Photo Challenge



6 thoughts on “Lighting

  1. Beautifully Done!! And we appreciate how hard it was to to capture this Gorgeous shot off an Expressway!!Hahaa!! You’re dedicated!! And brave!
    But it was SOOO Worth it! Beautiful!!!
    Happy weekend to you!!

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