Nassau Museum of Art – Sundays In My City

Unknown Mami

This is one of my favourite local places. I love these gardens and drive thru the sculptures. Here are a few photos of the gardens, and if you’re interested in futher information here is the link to their website.


10 thoughts on “Nassau Museum of Art – Sundays In My City

  1. This is a beautiful park! I love the arches and can see why you love it. Cute Kids too! Thanks for stopping by and I’m glad you did! Smiles to you!

  2. Thanks for dropping by my picture a day blog. You have some really pretty shots here! You mentioned wanting to do the picture a day project. You should go for it. Even though I started at the beginning of the year, you can start any time you wish. Just take a picture each and every day!

  3. Absolutely stunning images, Shelle!! You are so, so, so talented!! And your kids so beautiful!! Take after their mom, I think 🙂 I think I’ll have a seat on the bench and stay awhile…sigh…so gorgeous! Love, Janine XO

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