Caught in a Web


 I go out to the bus stop 4 times a day and always take my camera. I’ve taken so many photos while waiting for the bus, on the same corner. Now, I think to myself, there’s just nothing left to photograph here. How wrong could I be, nature never disappoints. Normally, I would never have noticed these droplets caught up in a web.


4 thoughts on “Caught in a Web

  1. Hi, you have some lovely pictures here, you just never know what you will find while you are out and about but the camera certainly helps you see.

    I guess we won’t have too many plants in common but a large number will have been imported to Australia over the years, this plant looks a little like a Cornus or Dog Wood. I have to rely on The Children’s Mother to identify many of our plants.

    Be aware that your images are compressing to fit the blog template and are distorted, try posting a medium size image, you can do that easily with WordPress.

    Looking forward to dropping by again.


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